Designed by art students Audrey Charré, Clémentine Schmidt and Luc Beaussart, the ‘Urban Greenhouse’ wants to show and give value to the plants which grow by themselves in a city. Those discredit plants are, in fact, healthy, médicinal and sometimes eatable. The first part of the project was to give value by a three-dimensional graphic intervention. The other part of the project was to use those plants like a kind of material to make leaf mould. The organic waste become a strong productive material. The relevance of this project is to see what is already here in the city, to find a purpose to create a cycle from the city.


“Ever gone to the park and found someone else sitting on your favorite bench? Ever wished your bench was turned the other way because you like the other view better? This genius outdoor bench designed by Daniel Pearlman offers a solution to both. Each bench system consists of 4 seats that can easily be tilted in the direction the user prefers, or to simply put a little space between you and strangers. Not to mention, it’s fantastic to look at!”